Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Shahin Behroyan

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Shahin Behroyan is a Vancouver Real estate agent ® specializing in high-end properties. Shahin has consistently ranked in the top 1% of Greater Vancouver Realtors ®, and is among the top 5 Re/Max Realtors ® in the world. He is a member of the Re/Max Hall of Fame and a Diamond Award recipient.

Shahin's team is amongst the top 10 Re/Max teams in Western Canada, with substantial experience in dealing with the lots of intricacies of high-end real estate offers.

Shahin has actually been immersed in property throughout his life, first finding out business from his father and grandfather - lifelong construction professionals who have constructed thousands of condos, along with several shopping malls and business centres.

Shahin found out firsthand the art of negotiating and pricing early on - and it's these skills that have enabled him to offer over 100 houses every year. Shahin's clients say that his industry understanding and prices ability are vital characteristics that eliminate unpredictability from realty offers and give them the self-confidence essential to purchase or offer high-end homes with ease. With almost a years of experience, Shahin is thoroughly acquainted with Vancouver's high-end realty market.

Shahin is a worldwide sales expert, and he can flawlessly assist in deals with foreign purchasers. Sellers state that Shahin's language abilities have actually helped them to much better comprehend the worldwide realty market and better accommodate international buyers' wants and requires. Purchasers appreciate Shahin's capability to clearly communicate the local elements affecting realty offers and recommend them on the local market. Shahin's team includes a marketing manager and an assistant who are from mainland China, while Shahin is fluent in both English and Farsi. This indicates Shahin and his group understand the desires and needs of Chinese and Persian purchasers and are distinctively qualified to market to these worldwide clients.

Shahin's understanding of the local real estate market also indicates he is able to negotiate from a position of strength and complete handle an efficient way.

Shahin loves working with buyers and sellers to browse the progressing landscape of high-end property. With Vancouver's luxury realty industry affected by both local and worldwide factors, Shahin delights in keeping current on the most recent advancements in both local and international real estate trends.

Shahin has a Bachelor's degree in economics from Simon Fraser University, and studied city land economics at UBC.

Shahin presently acts as the President of the Neighborhood Area Association of the British Properties. An avid outdoorsman, he delights in fishing for trout and salmon in the Lower Mainland's lots of lakes. Shahin is a gardening enthusiast, and he maintains a stand of fruit trees near his home in West Vancouver.

Purchasing or offering high-end Vancouver property is a complicated process, especially for global buyers. But Shahin's luxury house sales expertise indicates customers know precisely what to expect at every phase of the process. For more details, or to find out more about how Shahin can assist you, contact Shahin Behroyan Real Estate today.


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